The Presentation Box

The presentation box of three-dimensional puzzles

This collection of twelve three-dimensional puzzles was created by Peter Stocken to exhibit the development of his cutting from 1974 through to 1990.

All the puzzles are extremely difficult to assemble.

Many of the woods used in the puzzles are no longer obtainable.

The Round in Rio

The earliest puzzle in the collection was made the year he devised his individual design of puzzle and, compared to his later puzzles, was very primitive: at most three layers deep and the bottom was made from a different piece of wood.

The penultimate one in the collection, the Round in ‘Rio’, has by contrast his characteristic four layers together with a Swallow on the top surface, ‘S’ on the bottom and a ‘P’ hidden deep within the puzzle. These are two of his initials; the ‘50’ in the Palisander Hexagon he finished on his 50th birthday.

The top of the box

The exquisite display box was made in May 2015 by that master cabinet-maker, Chris Tribe.

The body of the box is English Walnut with panels of Burr Oak on the top surface surrounded by a thin frame of Indian Ebony.

The price of the presentation box of puzzles is £1750.

In the list of puzzles below, the letter and number in square brackets is Peter’s signature inscribed on the base of every puzzle. He only started signing them in August 1979 when he was commissioned by Stephen Sondheim to make a ‘Cello puzzle in Indian Ebony, for him to give to Leonard Bernstein: that was – naturally – [A1].

FOUR-LEAF CLOVER15th January 1974English Yew
CLUB11th October 1974Indian Ebony
MOUSE WITH NO TAIL30th May 1979Honduras Rosewood
WHALE9th November 1979[C80]Tulipwood (Brazilian Rosewood)
DIAMOND17th August 1980[H93]English Yew
BLOB8th December 1980[G28]Indian Ebony
OBLONG3rd February 1983[W59]Australian Bonewood
OVAL27th July 1983[38A]Kingwood (Brazilian Rosewood)Violin on top
ROUND23rd December 1983[3E]Spanish Olive‘P’ on top, ‘C’ in middle, ‘S’ on bottom
COMMA13th February 1984[80E]Andaman Padauk
ROUND3rd October 1986[P24]Rio Rosewood (Brazil)Swallow on top plus ‘P’ and ‘S’ inside
HEXAGON17th November 1990[L88]Palisander (Mexican Rosewood)‘50’ on bottom surface