Three Dimensional Puzzles by Peter Stocken

When Peter Stocken devised and developed his highly distinctive form of three-dimensional puzzle, he had intended them to be considered primarily as puzzles, but much to his surprise he discovered that most people acquired them as objets d'art, to feel, to look at, but rarely to take apart.

Made from a solid piece of wood with pieces that interlock in every direction, the puzzles are cut in a succession of sections and layers so that the pieces have to be re-assembled in the exact reverse order to which they were first cut.

Arsenal Cannon

Arsenal Cannon in Padauk with letters in Holly, made for footballer David Seaman. 83 x 230mm

As each is cut by hand, every Peter Stocken three-dimensional wooden puzzle is unique, and even two with the same outside shape can differ markedly inside. Puzzles are made from a choice of woods and can be made even more personal and special with initials.

The puzzles have been featured in nearly every major UK newspaper and magazine, and Peter has appeared many times on television. He was awarded the accolade of being one of Country Life's 'Living National Treasures' in 1994. He has exhibited the puzzles in Europe and the USA and has made them for royalty, millionaires, cabinet ministers, pop stars and even the occasional footballer.

In this section you can find out more about Peter's three-dimensional puzzles, look at a selection of shapes, find out about the woods.

You can also look at a collection of three-dimensional puzzles in a presentation box that shows the development of Peter's style over the years.

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NB. This is all for information only as Peter has now cut his last three dimensional puzzle. See the Home page.