Jigsaws 2022

Following his stroke, Peter has impairment to his right peripheral vision, making reading very difficult, leaving him with short term memory loss. As a result he is unable to create a brochure of our current jigsaws which in earlier years has been printed locally and sent out by post. This took much time and skill which no other family member feels up to attempting. Therefore, Simon is preparing, in PDF format, several pages of available puzzles all of which he and Claudia will enjoy cutting.

We intend, around the middle of October, to send it out with an email to everyone whose email address we have and who we hope will wish to receive it. Inevitably, this will go to some who do not, for which many apologies. Let us know and we will remove you from our mailing list. Even more apologies to those who do not receive it and would like to: click on Contact Puzzleplex for ways to get in touch and we will either email the details to you, or send them out by post; we hope the list of puzzles will be available later to download from the website.

If you do speak to Peter on the telephone, he will be delighted, but may not remember all of the conversation afterwards! Any important details should be confirmed in an email. His input, previously massive, into the life of a jigsaw from initial idea to despatch will be limited but it is very much business as usual.