More about the three-dimensional puzzles

Four vertical pieces


The number of pieces varies from puzzle to puzzle, depending upon the inside shape, the wood being used, the nature of the grain and – sometimes – Peter's mood at the time. For example, the Oval has about forty pieces, while the Pennyfarthing has ninety-six.

Apart from the photographed puzzles (which have their actual dimensions quoted), the figures in the Shapes pages are approximately to scale: as a guide, the Oval is about 90mm wide. The puzzles are usually four pieces deep – between 40 and 45mm.

Solving the puzzle

The average time for putting a typical puzzle together is about three and a half hours, though there have been occasional geniuses who have managed it in twenty minutes.

Fortunately these are rare and at the other end of the scale there are those who give up after months of fruitless toil and, in desperation, send them back for Peter to re-assemble, which he is always happy to do.


Usually it is preferable to have just one initial on the top surface, although some designs are large enough to incoporate two. Peter can also put an initial on the bottom surface, and – depending on the letters required – in the middle of the puzzle.

Care and maintenance

The puzzles are finished with wax furniture polish and are sent wrapped in cellophane within a custom-made box. They should be regularly polished, kept away from direct sunlight and not allowed to get wet.

Look at a selection of typical puzzle shapes.