Multi-layer Jigsaws

Flos Solis Major in its case

Flos Solis Major from the 17th century book of flowers Hortus Eystettensis

Flos Solis Major from above

The puzzle seen from above

Simon's multi-layer creations add a whole new dimension (literally) to the art of puzzling.

Detail of the puzzle

Detail of the puzzle, showing the layered cutting

The puzzle shown here is encased in its own presentation box which is itself a work of art: made by a master-craftsman, with book-matched panels, french-polished and lined with velvet.

The puzzles have up to five layers and are incredibly difficult with some devilish touches: this one, for instance, contains a riddle hidden deep within it. Their quality, complexity and artistry make them quite exceptional.

Recent commissions have included a contoured interpretation of Salvador Dali's 'The Persistence of Memory', a heraldic crest, and a collage of family photographs, in which each layer represented a different generation.

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